Spider Deviled Eggs

Happy Halloween! Last weekend I went to a Halloween party and I was asked to bring an appetizer or candy, so I decided to bring these scary little guys. I simply used my recipe for Deviled Eggs and cut medium-sized black olives into the shape of a spider. They were a hit and I was happy to have something to eat since the rest of the table was over flowing with candy and other sugar filled treats. It takes a one and half olives to make each spider. You simply cut the olive in half to make the body and then cut two halves into quarters to create the spider’s limbs. Here’s a tip, I also made my yolk filling a little dryer so it would work more like a paste. This made it easy to keep the legs in place. Leave the candy for the kids and enjoy these little devils this holiday season. I hope everyone has a very happy and sugar-free Halloween!

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