Walnuts, the Natural Cracker

I found that when I chose to live a low carb lifestyle I didn’t miss the carbs I missed the ability to pick up my food. I went on and on about this in a post awhile ago when it came to bread, but then I got too thinking what about the cracker? Sliced zucchini works, but I found that I missed the crunch of a cracker. Then a friend of mine gave me a big bag of whole walnuts and it was like a light bulb went on. I love walnuts, but I normally buy them chopped to put in salads and I never thought of buying whole walnuts. Well I have to tell you they are the perfect replacement for a cracker. To be honest you may never serve soft cheese again with crackers. I recommend buying a bag of whole walnuts and keeping them in your fridge for the next time you crave a cracker.

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