Eating Out – Go Seafood

Eating Out - Go Seafood

With the holiday season in full bloom not only are we cooking a ton, but most likely you are also eating out a fair amount. This is always one of the more tricky things to do when living a Low Carb Lifestyle. That big menu can be so deceiving with all those yummy option, but you have to stay strong and make wise decisions. My favorite way to eat Low Carb out is to go for so yummy seafood and one of my favorite things to order is Cioppino. This is a dish consisting of a ton of seafood that has been sautéed in a spicy tomato broth. Unlike chowder this dish is hearty in flavor, but does not have any thickener added to it. If you enjoy seafood you have got to try out this dish the next time you are out and about. Happy Low Carb eating this holiday season.

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