Back From The Dead

After two very long weeks I am finally back. I’m so sorry for being away for so long. In the midst of moving and packing somewhere along the way I picked up a nasty stomach virus that left me in a pile of mush for over a week.

Cooking let alone thinking about food was far out of my control. It has been a long time since I have been truly that sick. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m sick this is one of the few times that it is truly hard to avoid eating carbs.

The BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) has been forever ingrained in our brains as the only way to get your stomach back on track. I have a few Low Carb tricks to avoiding this extremely bland diet the next time you are sick.

  1. Make your own soup. I enjoy making my super simple Egg Drop Tofu Soup when I’m sick. Not only is it simple to make it is quite a bit more nutritious for you than a can of chicken noodle or ramen. Tip if your stomach is extra week avoid adding the egg yolk. Egg Drop Tofu Soup 4
  2. Cottage cheese. Cheese in general works as a firming agent for weak tummies. It is easy to digest and even easier to serve. Cottage Cheese 1
  3. Blueberries. Also work as a bonding agent plus they are packed with vitamin c and fiber. Try freezing them for a nice cold treat.

Since my stomach is still extremely weak I have chosen spend the rest of the week re-posting a few of my favorite posts from when I first started my blog that you may have missed seeing the first time around. I’m hoping next week to be back and feeling 100%.

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