Corned Beef and Brussels Sprouts

Corned Beef and Brussels Sprouts

Since my parents are in town visiting this week I decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little early by making corned beef and Brussels sprouts. I kept this super simple by using a pre marinated corned beef.

Corned beef and brussels sprouts recipe

Now I love to make certain things from scratch, but corned beef is not one of them when you can easily find a pre-marinated corned beef in your local grocery store. I purchased mine for Costco.

Simply remove the corned beef from the package, give it a rinse (to help reduce the salt intake) and place it in you slow cooker along with enough water to cover the meat and the seasoning packet. I decided to change things up and use brussels sprouts instead of cabbage.

Since brussels sprouts are basically a baby version of cabbage I thought this might be a nice twist on the traditional corned beef and cabbage. Being that I also chose to cook my corned beef in a slow cooker I felt the brussels sprouts might hold up better to being cooked for ten hours on low than cabbage.

The result was amazing. The corned beef was tender and brussels sprouts were perfectly cooked. What is your take on the traditional corned beef? Will you make it from scratch or buy a pre-marinated one like me? Trying some new veggies with the classic Irish dish? Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day!

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