Keep It Simple

Today for lunch I’m having a simple salad consisting of sliced ham, shredded cheese and black olives on a bed of baby spinach. For as much time as I spend cooking up my favorite Low Carb meals, I have to keep telling myself to keep it simple. Sure we all love roasted pork loin, meatballs, and bacon brussels sprouts, but the reality is some days you just want to keep it simple. The one reason so many people can’t stick with a Low Carb Lifestyle is the fact that it involves so much cooking. For that reason I love salads. With a few ingredients you can have a nice filling and well-rounded meal that only takes a few minutes to make. Salads are my quick and easy Low Carb meals. I would love to know what yours is. Please share your favorite quick meal. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. I would love to know what you are cooking in your Low Carb kitchen.

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