Decorating Your Salad

Salads are a great meal when cutting the carbs. I try to eat at least one a day. Since I eat so many salads I have to constantly keep reinventing the wheel. There are surprisingly many ways to do this. You can change-up your dressing, use different lettuces, and my favorite is to change-up the toppings. I like to refer to this step as decorating your salad. I find that when I when I meet people who tell me they don’t like salads it is because they are used to eating just a basic salad. A salad with just lettuce, dressing and croutons is boring!!! Who would like that? Now if you take away the croutons, add shrimp, blue cheese, olives, and bacon that becomes a meal worth eating anytime. I hope you enjoy this salad and there will be may more to come in the future.

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