Spicing Things Up

Spices 1

I’m addicted to spices. I admit it there isn’t one minute when I’m cooking that I’m not adding a little spice here or there. Sometimes its just a little dill added to my morning scrambled eggs or a large assortment of spices in my Carnitas. About ninety-nine percent of the time I use dried spices. They are half the price and if stored properly will last forever.  I use such a large amount of spices that I buy them at Smart and Final. The containers that the spices come in are not very airtight, so I invested in some beautiful airtight container. Now that my spices are all dressed up in their new jars I decided to put them on display. I had an extra low book shelf that we weren’t using anymore and I decided that this would be the perfect place to display my spices. I hope all of you are spicing it up when you are cooking Low Carb.

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