Eating Out 101

Ok so I’m hoping by now everyone has found some great recipes from my posts, but now comes the difficult part…eating out. When you are cooking food for yourself it is easy to watch what you eat, but as soon as you step out the door that all changes. Looking at the big beautiful menu just makes you think “oh I could be bad just this one time” Stop don’t do it! There are easy ways to wend through that big beautiful menu and here are my step by step tips:

  1. Look at the menu from left to right.
  2. Avoid the appetizers. For the most part they are normally fried or dips.
  3. Look at the soup and salad options first. Order a salad with no croutons and opt out for sweet dressings, such as balsamic vinaigrette. I love caesar salads because they are full of flavor and low in carbs.
  4. Avoid the pasta and rice section.
  5. Look at the main courses and try to stick to grilled seafood, chicken, pork, or beef.
  6. Check out the sides that come with your main course. Don’t be scared if it comes with parmesan risotto, I have found that you can almost always ask to substitute any side with a selection of steamed veggies. I chose to have some yummy prime rib and a side of broccoli and asparagus. 
  7. Dessert can be tricky. For the most part I just avoid it at all costs, but you can always try to order just a bowl of berries.

I hope this helps you stay low carb at your next meal out.

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