Low Carb Breakfast


Today my husband is working for home, so I wanted to make him a special breakfast treat. Who says that we need to go out to breakfast to have a yummy breakfast of an over easy egg and a sausage patty? This is a simple breakfast to make at home in just 3 minutes.

I prefer the Tyson sausage patties. I buy them at Smart & Final. They come in a huge bag four pound bag, but luckily inside the bag they are broken down into two separate resealable bags that make them super freezer friendly. They are gluten-free, fully cooked, and ready in a snap.

Just place them in the microwave and heat them on high for one minute. Quick fry an egg in a skillet. I like my eggs over-easy which means that both sides of the egg are cooked, the white is set, and the yolk is runny.

Simply heat up the sausage patty and top it with an over-easy egg and you have a yummy Low Carb breakfast in only 3 minutes!

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