Eggs Benedict with a Low Carb Twist

I love Eggs Benedict and honestly I don’t miss the english muffin. To me it is all about the poached egg and the hollandaise sauce. I prefer to use a sausage patty instead of ham because I feel the need to have something to sop up all that yummy sauce. I use the Jimmy Dean turkey breakfast sausage patties because they are low in fat, carbs and (my favorite part) they are fully cooked. I feel that there are way too many steps already in Eggs Benedict so using pre-cooked sausage saves me a ton of time. As for poaching eggs everyone has their favorite technique and for me is to just pour the eggs straight into a deep sauté pan of rolling boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Yep. That’s it! I hate to tell you Julia Child, but you don’t need vinegar in your water to make the perfect poached egg. You just need water at the perfect boiling temp. The other great thing about skipping the vinegar is your eggs don’t get that sour vinegar taste. Lastly I chose to use a mock hollandaise for this recipe due to the fact that we are already eating 2 eggs. I know living a low carb lifestyle means you don’t have to be as concerned about the amount of eggs that you are consuming, but this is already such a heavy dish I feel that if I can lighten it up in even the slightest way it would be worth while. I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!


  • 4 eggs
  • Mock Hollandaise
    • 4 teaspoons Mayonnaise
    • 2 Tablespoons Butter, melted
    • 2 Tablespoons Heavy Cream
    • 1 teaspoon Lemon Juice
  • 4 Jimmy Dean fully cooked Turkey Sausage Patties
  1. In a small sauce pan place all your ingredients for the mock hollandaise. Set aside.
  2. Get your water up to a rolling boil in a deep dished saute pan.
  3. Crack one egg at a time into a cup and slowly pour into the water. Continue this step until all 4 eggs are in the water. Set a timer for 3 minutes. 
  4. Heat your sausage in the microwave on high for 1 minute. Leave in the microwave until needed.
  5. While the eggs are poaching place the sauce pan, with the mock hollandaise ingredients, on top of the boiling water and whisk while it heats from the boiling water. This works as a double boiler effect without actually using a double boiler. 
  6. When your timer goes off carefully spoon out the eggs with a slotted spoon and transfer them to plate lined with a paper towel. This will get rid of some of the excess water.
  7. Place each egg on a sausage patty and top with the hollandaise sauce. Enjoy!
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