Gadget Girl Wednesday

I have decided to add a gadget day to my blog. I am always getting asked what gadgets I love and use in my kitchen and this will help to open your eyes to new products to try in your own kitchen.


Today I’m showing you one of my favorite gadgets the Cuisinart Gourmet Griddle. This is a low carb cooker’s dream for grilling meat in 5 minutes flat. I love barbecuing, but sometimes the weather and/or the time have stopped me from doing so. With this gadget I can cook in the comfort of my kitchen. Today I used the Griddler to make breakfast. It comes with removable flat and grilling plates. I chose to use a grill plate on one side for the sausage and bacon and a flat plate on the other side to fry my eggs. Yes you could do all this with your stove like normal people, but think if you were traveling. As I stated in my last post traveling with this lifestyle can be difficult at times, but with the Griddler you can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner right in your hotel room! Another great feature is that the plates can easily be cleaned in the sink or tossed in the dishwasher.

There are so many options on what you can cook with this gadget. Keep an eye out for it in future blog recipe posts.

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