Cuisinart Food Processor Elite Collection

Today on Gadget Girl Wednesday I am showing off one of my most used gadgets. As you have probably noticed I couldn’t make half the recipes that I have posted without my Cuisinart Food Processor. When I got married a year ago this was one of those items on my registry that I wished so dearly to get. I had a smaller food processor before this one, but after years of torture (including going through a stint of making home-made dog food) it had started to slow down. I needed one with a bigger engine and a more compact style. I decided that theCuisinart FP-14DC Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor was the one for me. I know what you are probably thinking “14 cups! That isn’t small,” but this model is great because it comes with three different sized bowls that stack within each other.  My old food processor came with two different bowls, but they didn’t stack within each other. Therefore I had to find a home for the food processor and the bowls in my tiny little kitchen. With this unit all the pieces live within each other. The Cuisinart Elite Collection 14 Cup Food Processor is also great when you are making meal that involves many steps in chopping and pureeing. Since the bowls all interlock you can use the small bowl then remove it and use the medium and then use the large bowl. If you are shopping for your first or in my case next food processor I highly recommend this one!

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