Master Chef Here I Come!

Today I am unfortunately cutting my post short because I have to work on my dish that I will be taking to the auditions in LA for the Fox show Master Chef! Yes I have decided to try my fate at the tryout. The tryout in LA is tomorrow and I must cook today like I have never Low Carb cooked before.

The big reason I am trying out is due to all of you loyal Low Carb viewers. I have always felt that the world of television cooking shows have been devoid of a contestant who lives a Low Carb Lifestyle and I feel that it is time to give it a try. I hope for the best, but I am prepared for either outcome.

Manly I am just excited for the experience. In the picture I post today is one of the few key ingredients in my dish that I will be bringing. Any guesses? Let’s just say I will be glamorizing one of my most popular posts A Crustless Life. The recipe and the outcome of the Master Chef tryout will be coming soon. Wish me luck!

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