Review of Cuisine Solutions Lamb Shanks

Aside from the Atkins Low Carb Frozen Meals there really aren’t that many quick meals out there. Last week I spent way to much time in Costco and found this yummy dinner option. The Cuisine Solutions Lamb Shanks are a delicious dinner option for your family tonight. The tender, fall off the bone, meaty lamb shanks are complimented with a savory mushroom sauce. There were three preparation options for this meal either conventional oven, microwave, or water submersion. I chose to go with the quickest heating option, the microwave. After 4 minutes on high I flipped the two lamb shanks over and heated for another 3 minutes on high.  I served it with a helpful serving of french green beans, but if I purchase these again I would serve them with my cauliflower mash. The pro of this yummy meal is that each serving has only 1g of carbohydrate. The con is that the serving sizes are ridiculous. I’m not sure how you can get 6 servings from a container with only two lamb shanks. Aside from the servings sizes, if you actually serve a nice generous portion of one lamb shank per person, like my husband and I did, it is still only 3g of carbs. The Cuisine Solutions Lamb shanks and tender and full of flavor. I recommend giving these a try the next time you are at Costco.

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